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If you come to this Podcast site without knowing who I am in advance, allow me to give you the (very brief) tour:

I blog regularly at http://betterbrainsonline.com and have done so for several years. I consider myself not only an educator but a watchdog and public guardian, a whistle-blower, and an activist for public health and consumer protection.

I originally wanted to be a brain surgeon and got my MD degree in France at a prestigious old school that was ancient when Napoleon was running around. I returned to the USA to do my internship and residencies in that field, also picking up a fellowship in neurology. After a stint in the US Army, I changed specialties to psychiatry with a fellowship in psychopharmacology.

Immediately following my education, I became a junior professor at the University of Kansas and later the University of Oklahoma. In those institutions, I performed many clinical trials during the development phases of such familiar drugs as Prozac and Zyprexa.

I picked up the “Renegade Doctor” sobriquet when I broke with academia — not only disillusioned by the back-stabbing politics of publish-or-perish, but with the restrictions on research imposed by big pharma. I had always been aware of the pervasive influence of the drug companies from my days in medical school through my research and then into my private practice. The government-pharma connections have gradually become public knowledge (although not to the full extent possible, as the public won’t believe it all), but my personal break with traditional medicine came after a catastrophic illness.

I found myself dying of a congenital condition that traditional medicine misdiagnosed and mistreated. I had to cure myself to survive. Full details are available if you are interested (I wrote a book about it), but for the sake of brevity, let’s just say I had to broaden my horizons if I wanted to live.

I basically cured myself, in the process losing around 200 lbs without drugs, diet, exercise or surgery. They I launched an alternative medicine practice specializing in not only vitamins and mineral supplements, but amino acids and other exotic — but entirely non-toxic and totally safe — treatments.

Obviously, I have been following my bliss rather than chasing the almighty dollar — but I am very happy doing what I do and there are many rewards besides money.

I’ve collected some dynamite friends along the way and this is your chance to meet them.

Also, you will hear me going solo (audio podcasts) and my rants and raves might make sense and actually save lives.

I am The Renegade Doctor and I welcome you to The Renegade Podcast!

Estelle Toby Goldstein, MD

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