The Renegade Doctor Episode 1


Welcome to the premiere of The Renegade Podcast!  This is a good introduction to those who don’t know me.  I am serious about medicine and helping people, but I love to have fun and I love to network.

In this video, you will meet Mona Jones, clinical hypnotherapist.  Mona immediately impressed me with her knowledge and skill, and I gladly refer patients to her.  Because hypnotherapy is not psychological counseling — But Mona will explain that and how she fits into the team concept of psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and hypnotherapist.

If you enjoy this video — help me spread the word.  I will be producing both audio and video podcasts on a regular basis. Please let me know how you like this, and give me ideas on what interests you — because you are the reason I am here!

Estelle Toby Goldstein, MD

The Renegade Doctor


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