The Renegade Doctor Episode 4 — My BFF Christelle


Falling In Love With My BFF Christelle

Christelle Tachon Modeling Photo

Christelle Tachon is a marvelous and interesting person.  She’s a native of France who has made a name for herself in the hotel business in the US.  Currently the sales manager for The Westgate Hotel in San Diego, Christelle also has the charm, poise and beauty of a fashion model. In fact, her portfolio is full of a diverse variety of looks and poses.

I met Christelle when staying at another hotel where she worked nearly ten years ago, The Lafayette in San Diego.  She and I hit it off right away, as I always gravitate toward people who will speak French with me!  She is bright and lively as well as beautiful, and she is a daring adventurer.  Beware, guys — she loves adrenaline rushes like roller coasters, skydiving and mountain climbing.  Could you keep up with her?

In the first of several video interviews you will see how caring and emotional she is as we reminisce about how we met and how our friendship has grown through the years.

This won’t be the last time you see or hear from Christelle in my podcasts because she is an on-going part of my life.

I think you will fall in love with Christelle Tachon as I have done.

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